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fitout, refurbishment and construction
fitout, refurbishment and construction
fitout, refurbishment and construction


Redwood D+C have been successfully operating since 1993. The company is involved in the delivery of fitout, refurbishment and construction projects plus commercial and residential development over the last 23 years.

At Redwood D+C, our ethos is centred on the delivery of our client business objective, i.e.

To deliver High Quality Outcomes on Time and within Budget

As such, we have developed a model known as – QTB

fitout, refurbishment and construction


  • Quality – is uncompromising (it is the primary element) / TIME & BUDGET (are subordinate to quality)
  • Time – We manage our projects to ensure our jobs come in on time and within budget to meet our quality standards
  • Budget – Time is money and if exceed the agreed timelines then the knock-on effect will compromise the Budget
fitout, refurbishment and construction

To achieve this we understand that communication is key and along with the scalability of our business and the QTB three factors which we view as critical elements, culminates in Redwood D+C producing “best in class” project results for our clients.

We consider our culture is unique to the industry – Simply “We mean what we say and do what we say”.

  • Redwood D+C’s clients always have access to our principal and CEO together with the senior management team, ensuring that Redwood D+C and our clients are always working in partnership.
  • Redwood D+C are aware that every project and client are different, so we seek to work hand in hand to ensure we deliver the high quality results we are known for – our reputation hangs on it.
  • Over the past 23 years Redwood D+C continues to work diligently at ensuring we stay true to our core principals, earning an envied reputation for trustworthiness, collaboration, fairness, transparency, value, reliability, innovation, safety and quality of work.

Due to our extensive commercial fitout experience gained in the first two decades of business, we have made a decision to increase our focus and grow our commercial fitout service line, while continuing with our development side of the business.

Redwood D+C is a focussed business, our aim is to work smart, hence plan correctly, thereby reducing risk, which culminates in competitive pricing.

We understand that communication is key and that we must listen to properly appreciate our client’s desires, this enables us to think outside the square, meet our client’s expectations and work to “To deliver High Quality Outcomes on Time and within Budget”.

Redwood D+C is a clever business, we believe big is not always better, we are nimble and can move smartly.

  • We are respectful and have our client’s best interests at heart.
  • Our client’s always have access to our CEO & principal and the senior management team.
  • Redwood D+C believes in the personal touch.
  • Redwood D+C is focused on your project; you are not just a number in the queue.

Redwood D+C CEO is passionate, hands on and works to high standards, he believes in working hard, enjoying your work life and having a strong work/ life balance.

Redwood D+C pay its people on time, which provides us with loyalty from all our trades, consequently we are reliable, which leads to our strength and ability to finish our projects on time and within budget.

We continuously strive to work honestly, to be reliable and work with transparency, which leads to Redwood D+C being your building contractor of choice.

Redwood D+C’s business successfully relies on repeat business, referrals and referees, which underpins our divergence and continued growth.

We have built our success on delivering projects successfully for our client.

fitout, refurbishment and construction