Beliefs & Philosophy


Redwood D+Cs foundations are built on service and quality outcomes leading to delivery of the project on Time and within budget.

  • We are adamant with regard to safe working conditions, both on all our sites and off, this applies to all our staff and sub-contracted trades and suppliers.
  • The protection of our environment is paramount. We are always conscience about waste minimisation and re-purposing.
  • We believe in community and contribute where we can.
  • We believe in close industry partnerships, which lead to great and successful outcomes.
  • We continuously aim and support our people to have a work-life “balance” which leads to a happy and enthusiastic team approach.

Our beliefs are our culture and values, which leads to Redwood D+C’s success and ultimately, our client’s satisfaction and repeat business.

Design Philosophy Sydney
Design Philosophy Sydney


Life is about living; living is about having a healthy attitude to a strong work/ life balance and enjoying a passionate cohesive professional and private life.

Redwood D+C understands the work/ life balance and believes a happy and content team will lead it to success for both its clients and itself.

  • Redwood D+C prides itself on working through and finding solutions.
  • Redwood D+C listens and learns,
  • Redwood D+C is innovative and have the intelligence to add value
  • Redwood D+C understand and have the foresight to predict risk and how to avoid it
  • Redwood D+C has the generosity of time and the willingness to work with our clients to achieve our client’s expectations.
  • Redwood D+C believes in a friendly and engaging approach.

Redwood D+C’s CEO & Principal, Samuel Graiche, believes in mentoring his people, who are encouraged and trained by Sam and the management team to work within this Redwood D+C’s ethical and business philosophy


Redwood D+C believes and supports staff family values in business and in the support of its people.

Redwood D+C celebrate our multicultural approach, we have an amazing mix of cultures and beliefs, which create a wonderful diversity and broad horizons amongst our people.

It is our integration and understanding of family that binds our people, which allows Redwood D+C to achieve its success.

Design Philosophy Sydney
Design Philosophy Sydney
Design Philosophy Sydney


Redwood D+C is fully compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act and works within its philosophy.


Corporate and social responsibility is so important, what you give you get back tenfold.

Donating time, resources and funds is gratifying and has a positive impact for our employees.

In a world that seems to becoming more intent on greed, it is essential to lead our people in understanding why and how to give.

Our contribution to the community includes fundraising events, sponsorships, donations, and pro bono services.


We believe in being green, which is having some common sense; simply it is respecting the environment, which isn’t rocket science.

Whether it is construction, refurbishment or a fitout project, Redwood D+C is continuously conscience of a sustainable agenda and promotes awareness of that with our clients.

Redwood D+C aims to be pragmatic in their approach to sustainability and understand the environmental initiatives, which need to be balanced with the commercial feasibility.

We like to involve ourselves in intelligent design, seek innovations, source the latest technologies and determine the best way to build, which helps to find that green balance.

The company encourages sound environmental practices on site and in office operations, covering the use of office consumables, energy, water and fossil fuels. Single use products are discouraged and recycling is rewarded.

We demonstrate preference for suppliers and providers that share our passion and promote sustainable products and practices.

Design Philosophy Sydney
Design Philosophy Sydney
Design Philosophy Sydney