Make Good, Churn & Change

make good sydney
make good sydney
make good sydney


Make good, churn and change eventually affects all forms of the construction process, whether it is interior fitout or refurbishment and can involve technologies and mechanical services.

We understand clients require ongoing support to manage and occasionally alter their built environment. Change can be brought about by changes to business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, real estate costs, evolving technologies, developing staff, all contribute to churn and change requirements.

Redwood D+C has the experience to manage the disruptive nature of this change, which is referred to as “Churn”.

Redwood D+C’s experienced leads to;

  • Being proactive
  • Planning in detail
  • Eliminating risk
  • Communicating broadly
  • Executing changes with minimal interruption

The nature of this work often means it being carried out during nights and weekends. As a result, it is imperative to plan in a manner that integrates, protects and minimises the disruption of services to the tenant, so there is continuity within the clients built environment within its tenancy.